Types of fibers used in Cashmere

Cashmere refers to the luxury fibers that are obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goats. They are finer, lighter, softer and a long time durable than a normal type of wool. There are several types of fibers used in cashmere. These fibers are obtained from the cashmere goats. These animals are commonly considered as a part of domestic goat subspecies Capra aegagrus hircus. The double fleece produced by cashmere goats consists of a fine, soft undercoat or underdown or hair mingled that are straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair. These are known as guard hair. Before...

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Making of Cashmere in Nepal

Cashmere refers to a luxury fiber that is obtained from cashmere goats other types of goats. The cashmere products are finer, stronger, lighter and softer than sheep wool. They are hypersonic, hypo allergic, biodegradable and a long time durable. The Cashmere cloths for babies make them feel comfortable. Cashmere keeps us warm in winter and cools in summer. They are non-pollutants as they are easily decomposable by the bacteria. China is said to be the largest producer of raw cashmere and then Mongolia comes in second. There are different processes of making cashmere in Nepal. Their processes include a collection...

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Top Quality Cashmere in Nepal ACCESSORIES

Cashmere introduces to the luxury or grandeur fiber that is procured forms the Cashmere goat and other types of goat as well. The luxury product is finer, stronger, lighter and softer as well i.e. three times more insulating than the sheep wool. It’s a desire of many individuals to have the cashmere products all around the world. If you’re looking for the top quality cashmere in Nepal, our Kanchan Cashmere store is the right place for you. We’re the leading Cashmere manufacturer in Nepal and supplying the huge quality Cashmere products all around the world and produce the top quality...

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Cashmere Fabrics in Nepal

Cashmere, customarily known as cashmere wool introduces luxury and opulence fibers that are procured from the cashmere goats and other types of goat as well. The word Cashmere is derived from the old spelling, Kashmir, the geographical region that lies in India and Pakistan. The wool is finer, softer, lighter and stronger than the sheep wool. The Cashmere fabric is one of the supreme products of the Cashmere. It gives you a luxurious feeling with the best characteristics of cashmere wool i.e. it makes you warm in winter and cool in winter. We, the Kanchan Cashmere are the top-ranking company...

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Wholesale cashmere Ponchos from Nepal

Cashmere ponchos are exquisite, soft and warm like a feather, smooth, that adds style to ay weather clothing, including shirts and tunics. Have you ever tried a cashmere poncho on high heels, high-waist belted pants, and long silk dress? If no, then certainly give a try. You can buy all sorts of wholesale cashmere Ponchos from Nepal. This winter, if you miss a cashmere Poncho on your dressing profile, you are really missing something especial; it is very much different from regular woolen ponchos. The softness and smoothness shall certainly amaze you. The best part of cashmere Ponchos from Nepal...

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Cashmere shawl from Nepal

Cashmere shawl is one of the most popular cashmere products from Nepal that has high demand in the international market. Pashmina is the registered trademark of cashmere in several countries of the world. Cashmere shawl from Nepal has been successful to maintain its name, and the number of customers buying the product has been increasing every year. Due to the introduction of modern technology, purchasing the cashmere shawls hadn’t ever been easy before; the product is at your finger tip. However, you have to be very much aware while purchasing the item online. There has been increase in the number of...

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Cashmere in Nepal

The cashmere fibers are obtained from the undercoat of Chyangras, the Himalayan goats reared in the highlands of Nepal. Cashmere from Nepal is also popular as Pashmina. However, there’s difference between the cashmere and Pashmina. First, the wool from the mountain goats are sheared off during the spring season. However, a single goat produces just 3 ounces of pashmina wool in a year, which is not even sufficient to weave a pashmina shawl; wool from about three Chyangras are needed. After the wools are collected, they are then hand spun. Using the local spinning wheel, the Chakra, people spun the...

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Cashmere factory in Kathmandu

Obtained from the undercoat of mountain goats, cashmere fibres are handled manually, right from the collection of fibres till the product gets final touch, everything follows manual handling. Finding the qualitative cashmere factory in Kathmandu can be quite difficult. Not all the factories have image to maintain, trust to keep winning, and future to keep growing. Some industries penetrate the cashmere market to bag as much money as possible within the short span of time. Similarly, some industries have been mixing furs of other animals and selling the products claiming to be of genuine quality. Normally, the manufacturing industries collect cashmere...

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Quality checks are made on all our production cycles with the help of our technicians and state of the art instruments.



Kanchan Cashmere is the leading Cashmere manufacturer in Nepal which supplies highest quality Cashmere products throughout the world. As a luxury Cashmere manufacturer and supplier, we deal in exclusive clothing and accessories including handmade and knitted sweaters, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and other items that cope up with the latest fashion trends. The unique properties of exceptional softness and warmth make this luxury fabric a preferred choice among people. Cashmere items are 40% warmer than normal wool and these items are the best to keep your body warm during cold winter.
Being the manufacturer of fine Cashmere products, we provide wide range of 100% Cashmere clothes for men and women in different colours and designs to provide our clients with more choice. We never compromise with quality which is why our technicians make quality checks on all our production cycles to ensure that our clients get the best finished product. All of our Cashmere products are customizable and the size, colour and grading of these items can be tailored to your requirement.

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