10 facts you need to know about cashmere

Published Date: 2017-08-25

Cashmere (also called Pashmina in Nepali) fiber is obtained from the undercoat of mountain goat-Chyangra. The rearing of Chyangra, collecting the fibers, spinning, and weaving all follows traditional practices and methods. A single sweater production requires furs from 3-5 Chyangras, and takes a long time to produce the final product. 10 facts you need to know about cashmere are mentioned below:
1.Cashmere is expensive.
Cashmere is expensive because there are very few countries where Himalayan goats are bred. This has limited the volume of production. Similarly, a significant amount of furs is required to make the final cashmere product. A producer cannot afford to do any kind of mistake during the production.
2.Chyangras are not common goats.
With shaggy hair and curling horns, these mountain goats endure the long duration of drought and extreme cold and hot climate. When they eat a plant, they manage to eat even the roots of the plant.
3.Production of a sweater requires furs from 3-5 goats.
About 2-3 cashmere goats are needed to make a scarf and around 3-5 goats are needed to produce a sweater. To produce a standard sweater, you will need to collect the hairs for 4 years!
4.Every cashmere product is differently produced.
There has been news of lots of sham businesses who sold inferior quality products claiming to be of pure and 100% cashmere. Cashmere is combined with silk and other items. Thu is cautious when buying a cashmere product.
5.There's negligible difference between Cashmere and Pashmina.
Actually, there's no difference between Cashmere and Pashmina. Pashmina is the Nepali term for Cashmere. However, the Wool Act and Rules haven't regarded the term Pashmina as a labeling term.
6.Cashmere acts as the best insulator.
With the fluctuation in humidity in the atmosphere, a cashmere product absorbs and release water vapor. It is believed that a pashmina product offers eight times more warmth in comparison to common wool.
7.Cashmere fiber is hypo-allergic.
Cashmere fiber doesn't contain lanolin, thus you shall not feel any itchy sensation. In addition to that, cashmere fiber does not require any chemical processing or high temperature.
8.Cashmere is very fine and smooth to touch.
The cashmere fibers are softer and finer than the wool of sheep. It is stronger, finer, softer, lighter, and more insulating than the wool of sheep.
9.Cashmere is used in varieties of products.
Primarily available in white, gray and brown color, you can find cashmere coats, jackets, blazers, sweaters, socks, gloves, scarves, etc.
10.No special care is required for cashmere clothes.
You do not require to pay any technical care for cashmere product. Just hand wash it. You can also dry clean it, which might be pretty expensive for you.


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