How to wash cashmere clothing?

Published Date: 2017-09-18

Cashmere is obtained from the undercoat of Himalayan goats in the highlands and processed manually. Cashmere cloths can be quite expensive to buy, and you might want to pay extra care while washing. Taking cashmere care is as much important as it is while producing it. However, you don’t have to panic. We have covered your concerns about cashmere care.
  • Only hand wash 
It is recommended to hand wash cashmere cloths. It is very important not to expose them to the direct heat unless you want your product to shrink. Similarly, wringing or stretching the wet cashmere isn’t good either. If unhandled properly, the cloth can go out of shape in no time. You can start you hand wash, first by soaking the product in the mild detergent water. ¾ cups of white vinegar is beneficial to neutralize the odour. You have to ball up the sweater and avoid stretching or wringing, but gentle squeezing. Rinse again and follow the same procedure until the detergent gets washed. Then, you have to roll the product on a towel, placing it on the flat surface, and then squeeze it gently. The towel absorbs the water. You have to let the cloth dry naturally on a flat surface, especially one which is resistant to moisture. After the cloth is dry, you have to team it on the hanger, which helps to avoid the wrinkles.
  • Avoid moths 
Moths are attracted to cashmere product. You have to do something quickly if your product has got moisture. Make sure that the product is dry, as you store it. While storing the cashmere product, keep it in zip-lock bags, with folding up. If you keep it in the hanger, there is strong likelihood that the product will stretch. The cloth must be washed before it is put for storage; sweaty and dirty clothes are the best homes for months. Time and again, clean the closets or bags, where clothes are kept; moths don’t like disturbances. Conkers, lavender, and cloves are the best natural ingredients for avoiding moths. If you are uncomfortable with the smell of conkers, you can keep a bag of lavender at the bottom of the wardrobe, or in every hanger of the drawer. These simple natural ingredients are the best options to kill or avoid the moths from damaging your cashmere cloth.
  • Avoid pilling 
You can shave off the pills of cashmere or avoid it putting in a zip-lock bag and in the freezer for about a day. There are also cashmere sweater combs that might be beneficial for you. No matter how qualitative is cashmere, it is prone to pilling. However, some people prefer sweater spray to hand washing. They like wearing for 4-5 times with sweater spray, then washing it. While washing the cashmere, wash it in cold water. Do not rub the cloth, and never put in a dryer. Don’t be rough with the cloth. When the cloth does get pilled, it is very good if you use the sweater comb.
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