How to wash cashmere sweaters at home

Published Date: 2017-12-17

Considering the price you have to pay, you might be worried about how to wash cashmere sweaters at home; don’t panic, it’s not much complex taking care of the cashmere products. But, like other clothing product, dry cleaning the cashmere isn’t effective; hand washing is preferred. The first step of taking care of cashmere product is sinking the cloth in cold water, adding mild detergent in very few amount. Then, you are required to swish the cloth without stretching and leave for soaking for 10 minutes. Then, avoiding any stretch and wring, squeeze out the water with gentle pressure. Again fill the tub with fresh water and submerge the cloth. It is recommended not to put the cloth under the direct running water. Keep rinsing until the detergent is gone.
After the final squeezing, place the cloth in a towel on a flat surface and roll the towel gently, pressing and squeezing gently. Now comes the process of drying the towel; place the sweater on a flat surface which is moisture-resistant in nature, and something that doesn’t restrict the circulation of air. Do not keep the cloth under direct sun or heat. After the cloth is dry, hanging it on a hanger, steam the cloth for removing the wrinkles. After this, fold the sweater and keep inside a drawer or shelf. You can avoid the cloth from de-shaping if you button up the cardigans before you wash them. These all procedures involve with how to wash cashmere sweaters at home. Despite the washing, another factor that needs to be addressed is how to take care of these items.
This brings you to about how to remove the sweater pills. Keep in mind that every woolen cloth is prone to pilling. To can avoid pilling to some extent if you just follow the instructions of manufacturers. Some of them involve turning the cloth inside out before you wash it, regular brushing of the cloth with a garment brush, etc. Picking up the pill by hand, using electric fabric shaver, or sweater comb etc. are some of the ways to pick up pilling.
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