10 Myths about Cashmere

Published Date: 2018-01-17

Of course, Cashmere is awesome. Usually, Cashmere is the luxury fibers and is finer, lighter, stronger, softer and more times insulting than the sheep wool. It is derived from the word Kashmir.  It is hygroscopic in nature. It can be renewed and sustained. It is a long time durable and also biodegradable. It protects against the sun’s harmful rays.
Cashmere has a long story. It has a great position in the market. But it still remains myths. Here are myths about the Cashmere.
  1. According to the latest study and belief, there are no cashmere goats in Italy. But the question is where the cashmere comes from? Mongolia and China are the main suppliers of Cashmere in different parts of the world.
  2. The pure myth is that Cashmere is itchy. However, Cashmere is lightweight and soft, it makes the newborn baby feel good with no adverse reaction when wrapped in Cashmere.
  3. Most of the people believe that cashmere is allergic. The fact is that cashmere is hypoallergenic in nature which has no negative effects in the human.
  4. As people believe cashmere is allergic, they say that cashmere is unhygienic as it attracts dust. The truth is that cashmere is fully unattractive to dust. The bacteria and fungus grow in the materials that holes moisture. They enter the synthetics and attracts the dust mites. Cashmere is too dry for the bacteria and fungus.
  5. Pashmina is better than cashmere. But in fact, Pashmina is a part of cashmere. It is a fine type of cashmere wool which is found mostly in India. It is a fabric woven and is derived from the breeds of domestic goats.
  6. Cashmere is taken from the chest and undercoat of throat of animal. It is not true. The undercoat extends the animal and not of it is wasted.
  7. Cashmere does not actually need a high maintenance. It can be washed in the washing machine with the cool and wool-wash setting.
  8.   Cashmere is not warm in summertime in comparison to the other clothes. It is hygroscopic. It makes us feel cool in summer and hot in winter.
  9. Cashmere is fluffy. But it gets softer when in use.
  10. Cashmere is expensive. Yes, it is. But there also other wool besides cashmere and knitwear.  It is waste to think that there is nothing between the natural and synthetic knitwear.


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