The best way to enjoy one’s hobby and fulfill the fashion/luxury desire without contributing to environmental pollution. Also called as natural fibers, natural yarns are the yarn that are available naturally in the environment. The goods made out of these fibers are highly preferred since it contains no synthetic materials. As a result, natural yarns don’t possess harsh chemicals with a tendency to harm skin.

Natural yarns are derived from either plant-based fiber like cotton/linen or animal-based fiber like wool or even mineral based fiber like basalt. The softness and durability of natural yarns is a well-established fact. This softness is felicitous for knitting and crochet materials. The softness of natural fiber makes it suitable for baby clothes as well. Generally, natural fiber is developed in such a way that the flawless combination of softness and structure is achieved. Beside this, Natural fibers are available in a wide range of color palettes so that you can pick any shade that compliments your skin tone.

We, here at Kanchan Cashmere, share your passion for natural yarn. You will be able to note our love and dedication to natural fibers which will be reflected in the crispness of linen, subtle sheens of silk and ultra-softness of extra fine merino.

Why Natural Fibers/ Natural Yarns?

Natural yarns provide the consumer with the benefits like thermal insulation, lower density, soft in texture, lighter weight, reduced skin irritation and so on. Apart from that, Natural yarns provide great flexibility so various fabrics of several sizes, colors and quality can be made out of it. After the natural fibers are no longer in use, they can be decomposed/ broken down by bacteria. Thus, no harm is done to the environment for the decomposition purpose of these fibers. In addition to that, the fabrics made of natural fibers are suitable for hot/ humid climate as well as cold climate.
In addition to being decomposable and renewable, natural yarns are 100% sustainable. Below, we have provided you with some great renown types of Natural fibers.

Animal Fibers

You have surely heard of the masterpieces of fashion/luxury- silk, wool, alpaca, angora and vicuna. These all are animal fibers. Animal fibers are either obtained from animal hair, their gland secretion or from the feathers of birds. The extremely popular, luxurious, soft and comfortable cashmere is also a kind of animal fiber and it is obtained from goat hair.

Plant fibers

Plant fibers are obtained from seed, leaf and stalk of plants. The clothes and garments produced from plant fibers are highly preferred in the hot surrounding because of its softness and breathability. Some examples of plant fibers are cotton, and linen. Some plant fibers are highly resistant to stretch (linen) while others like (cotton) are comfortable with medium stretch resistance.
As a Nepali yarn company, we assure you that our products be it cashmere or others yarns are highly authentic and fashion up to date. Over years, we have been trusted and praised by our clients for the quality natural yarn we provide them. We take pride in serving you with the best and customized products we have got.