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Quality Knitwear

Quality Knitwear

Winter is coming! You know what that means. It’s time to break the hibernation of our knitwear, boots and coats. Be it for women, children or men, quality knitwear appeals to everyone, doesn’t it? Our quality knitwear always manages to grab the attention of clients with a thing for quality and longevity. Anything from medium weight cardigan to long overcoats, these stylish collaborations are as durable and comfortable as they are beautiful. If you are someone who is inspired and intrigued by fashion and cardigans, then just the mention of fashion up-to-date and quality knitwear is redolent of fashion competent and comfortable snuggly evenings and twinning with friends/family.

Kanchan Cashmere is dedicated to serve you with modern and distinctive knitwear with so much more to offer than just quality. The garments are available in a wide range of color palette. If looking your best and living boldly is your resolution for 2020, 2021 and many years ahead, the quality knitwear garments provided by Kanchan Cashmere is the way to go.

What is quality knitwear made of?

Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino, Mohair are some famous materials for making quality knitwear. Each of these materials are unique and provide extensive features like durability, lustrousness, resilience, warmth, moisture-wicking and so on.


Obtained from regular sheep, wool are water resistant materials used for making quality knitwear. This is a common raw material for making quality knitwear and is known for their price convenience compared to its superior like cashmere, vicuna, alpaca and so on.


The softer and lighter cashmere fabric is obtained from goats. The cashmere scarves, cardigans, poncho and cashmere sweaters are soft, luxurious, warm with good insulation features and durability.


You can say that Merino is a compensation or Middleway of common wool and Cashmere. The knitwear that are made of Merino are softer and more refined when compared with those obtained from regular wool. The fine fibers in Merino result in sturdier, more lasting and resisting fabrics. Since Merino is very light and soft, it is often used to make undergarments as well.


Obtained from rare and beautiful Alpaca, Alpaca yarns are very light, warm, soft and luxurious fiber. In addition to all the attractive features like warmth, thermal insulation, resistance and durability, Alpaca wool are also hypoallergenic thus making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.  

Why to choose quality knitwear?

When you are spending a fortune on the knit wears, it’s only normal that you would want them to be comfortable, durable and also breathable. This is the benefit you get from investing in the right quality knitwear. In addition to that, picking a knitwear produced from natural fiber keeps you warm without sweating. This happens because natural fiber-made-knitwear allows breathability, and also maintains your body temperature. With proper care on your side, you will be wearing these quality knitwear fabrics for years and even decades. Trust us, when we say this that the quality knitwear made of natural fiber is often worn by 2 generations in a house. Fascinating, isn’t it? Check out this website for tips on caring for your cashmere and other knitwear.