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Product & Services

Gauges & Stitch Structures

We have a wide range of gauges (gg) available, including 1.5gg to 16gg, 12gg Intarsia, 8gg Intarsia. This allows us to offer 1 ply cashmere through to 16 ply cashmere, in varying stitch structures and tensions.
We can also help you choose an appropriate body shape, stitch structure and gauge for your developments. You will have access to extensive stitch structure, trim & finishing libraries.

Our highly experienced technicians can produce unique and complex intarsia pieces on hand driven intarsia knitting machine – in 12gg or 8gg

Yarn & Colors
We use only the best quality Cashmere yarn from reputable suppliers, who offer traceability and quality assurance of their product.
Each spinner has their own range of colours on offer – giving you a colour choice in excess of 500 shades per season.
Our Cashmere & Cashmere blended yarn supplier;


Design Services
If you need design assistance, we can offer the services of a specialist consultant knitwear designer with over 15 years’ experience in the cashmere knitwear industry and a successful fashion cashmere brand in her own right.
If this service is required – please contact us and we will supply further details.

Sample Development
We will work closely with you to develop your collection from sketch / picture.

Autumn / Winter & Spring / Summer are peak periods which require careful planning. We will work with you on the critical path to ensure that your samples are with you in time for showing & selling.
Outside of peak periods – once we have all the information required, we can generally have samples to you in 1 to 3 weeks.

Small Production Runs & Low Minimums
Kanchan Cashmere is structured to offer small production runs commercially.
Our target is to achieve a minimum sales average of 25 pcs per color/style developed – so if we develop a 11-piece collection, we would expect to receive a minimum order of 200 pcs. However, this can be split over styles, colors, sizes and deliveries.

We offer a re-order service with no minimum order requirements.
If your stock is running low, you can place an order for the extra pieces that you need. We will fulfil the re-order in around 4 weeks, giving you the confidence that sell-through and budget will be maximized.

On Time Delivery & 100% Complete
Our state-of-the-art production system allows us to continually monitor your order as it progresses through the factory to ensure that you will receive your order on time and complete.
In the unlikely event that your order is subject to delay for reasons beyond our control (e.g. due to yarn availability) we would contact you at an early stage so that you may be involved in the resolution – for example to substitute the delayed shade.

Flexible Delivery Scheduling
Once you have placed your order, our Production Manager will work with you to plan your delivery date. Whether this be one or split deliveries, we will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met.

Future Production Space
In certain circumstances we can keep production space if you are not yet able to place your order.
If you have any question, please ask at